Brand Promotion in WA – A Fan Letter

Here is an excerpt from an email I received from a follower that I think all of you should read.


As we are the leading name in promotional models in WA, we have been tapped by a well-known brand as promoters for their launch in WA.

Now, the name is hush-hush as we are still on the first few steps in the negotiation but I am sure this will be a great way for our models to practice their art. As such, everybody is stepping up their game in order to be chosen. I have been constantly reminding the ladies that being a promotional model is more than just good looks. Sure, good looks can get people to stop but what next?

We were chosen by this particular brand not only because we have the loveliest models in the area but we go beyond beauty. As a matter of fact, our expertise is in making sure the client reaches their goal. There are a lot of ways to do that but it all boils down to the models you have.

Are they more than just a pretty face?

Are they willing to go over and beyond their duty to reach the goal?

Are they flexible enough to adjust to whatever is needed?

This is why I am proud of my ladies and part of it is thanks to you. You have taught me and my models that being a true professional model is an art that one has to perfect to be good at it. Of course you can just always stand and smile and hope to God it works. But in our case, we take the bull by the horns.

Thanks to that, we are  riding a limo hire Perth for transportation in this coming event. We feel so proud to have been chosen and I hope all aspiring professional models out there get a chance like this.


PS: If you want to be successful like us, please check their home page to see various tips for professional models.