Promotional Material

Social media and the Internet is all everyone seems to talk about when it comes to marketing these days. This is pretty sad because the real, flesh and blood world around us still offers useful promotional tools. As with anything else in business, it is only a matter of knowing how to use them best.


One of the best, most accessible tools is still the simple sign. Big ones, small ones, bright neon lights – a good sign made by a reliable company like can draw attention. For a small initial investment, you have a promotional piece that does its job for an extended period.


Signs are ideal for close-range marketing, where you tell passersby that “I’m right here!” If people who don’t know about you see it and you provide something they need, they’ll drop by. In some cases, they might not but remember where you are later on.


Business cards are an underrated way to promote your business or services. Why do you think the Japanese have built rules of etiquette around handing out business cards?


Handing them out at a party is a good way to break the ice, introduce yourself in a quick form, and promote your business. Leaving them with a tip in a restaurant or putting them on a bulletin board can be a cheap way to promote your offering.


A few folks go to libraries and drop their business cards in related books. This used to be more common, but the Internet has eaten away at its reach.


Branded items are also a good way to get some promotion done. Hand out pens with your business name on it. Maybe accidentally leave those pens in the bank or coffee shop.


It helps if the items are useful or related directly to your business, but it isn’t always necessary.


As we’ve mentioned here before, promotional models at events are eye-catching. If you train them well or tell them about your product, they can act as impromptu brand ambassadors too.


Finally, take pictures or videos of everything. Okay, not everything – you don’t necessarily need photos of how your home page was made, for instance.


However, maybe take videos or pictures of the daily process in the company. People are, more than ever, interested in that sort of thing. Taking pictures of business events or daily activities, maybe add a few humorous captions.


It helps engage people on social media, but also shows a more human side to the business. In today’s environment, that more human side can help your promotional efforts a lot.

Why Hire Promotional Models?

From trade shows to tech conventions, from auto races to conferences, you’ll find promotional



Most of the time, these are attractive young ladies who present the product. Sometimes they might be dressed rather scantily, but most of them time they’ve got “themed” attire. Racing stripes at a car show or tech company logos on their outfits are typical examples.

Women tend to be the most prominent for most events. Cute faces put people at ease and make them feel more relaxed. You want them at ease when you deliver the sales pitch, don’t you?

However, there are other reasons to hire promotional models.

One reason to hire promo models is that it helps diversify your advertising.

Social media, print, TV, and radio are all typical avenues of advertising. Print, TV, and radio can all reach audiences you never thought you could, but they’re also easy to tune out. Social media has the biggest range, but it’s also prone to only reaching people who are already your customers.

A promo girl has limited scope and can only engage one customer at a time. However, what they lack in range, they make up for in impact. With a well-educated, well-trained promotional mode, you can turn a sceptic into a sale.

The more personal, physical element of interacting with a model hits home better than ads that aren’t so personal. For some businesses, personal engagement is a better advertising strategy.

Engagement helps convert sales, and no advertising method does this as well as a promotional model.

The model can stand there to draw attention just by being stunning or having the power of presence. If they are articulate about your product and offerings, that sticks in people’s memories. IF they remember you, they’ll consider buying from you if you have anything they need.

Models also help inform your market better than other forms of advertising can.

Who wants to read a wall of text when they can ask someone for information? A promo model can help build a long-lasting relationship, just by using a winning smile and any details about your offering that you decide to give them.

For some business, promo models are also a way to show off their fun side.

Imagine being a publishing company or a video game developer. You have a product that has characters with very iconic looks. Imagine having models dressed in costumes of those characters. The buzz that they’ll generate will draw in customers.

Even if you don’t go for that, you could just dress the models in a suitable manner. Racing stripes on clothes while at a car show are a good idea. If you want to show how your designs flatter the female figure, have an attractive model slip into them.

As you can see, there are excellent reasons to get some promo models working for you. You might not need them all the time, but for events like conventions or trade shows, they can do a lot more than just stand there and look beautiful.

How to Become a Successful Promo Model

Nobody want’s to become a nobody. For people who want to become promo models, you definitely want to be somebody. But in order to attain that goal, you must first have certain traits to become successful. We have listed down the top habits of successful promo models.


  1. Do your due homework – You must always be ready when doing promo work. What good are you as a promo model when you know nothing about the company you are going to represent? Nothing bums a customer more than a promo model that knows nothing.
  2. Do some planning – Being a promo model is not just about being pretty and smiling a lot. Make sure you plan for your gig. You don’t want to arrive unprepared. For example, when working under the sun you have to prepare sunscreen and the proper clothes.
  3. Be early – Ensure that you allot enough time for “mishaps” on your trip to your gig. Being late is a big no-no for promo models. Remember that you are the star of the show so the show can’t really start without you.
  4. Be professional – Just because you think the job of a promo model is fun doesn’t mean you don’t have to be a professional. Be reliable, honest, and  respectful at all times. Helping the client and his customers should be your top priority at all times.
  5. Relax – Last thing you have to remember is that you have fun at all times. People will recognize it if you are not happy with what you are doing and it will radiate to them. Be that ray of sunshine in the event.