Replacing A Damaged Windscreen For A Loved One

It is said that the way to keep the romance alive is an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. Taken from another angle, one way to show you love someone is to do them an unexpected favour, with no real expectation of getting one in turn.

An example of this is getting their windscreen repaired. Windscreen replacement Perth isn’t a huge problem, but sometimes it’s a hassle. I mean, how many of us keep the number of a shop that does that handy? How often do we think we might need it?

So it can be a nice thing to do. Get the windscreen repaired and replaced while your loved one is still trying to figure out what to do with the problem. Or you can just step in and take their mind off it.

Here’s how you do that.

First, once you notice the problem, intervene. Step in and tell them you can help, that you’ll take care of the busted glass. Reassure them and take their mind off the problem, especially if they don’t have a plan already.

Even if they already have an idea in mind, you handling the matter takes their mind off it. It leaves them able to focus on the other things going on in their life.

Your next step from there is figuring out whether you need a replacement or a repair job.

Sometimes, the damage is too far gone. It might not be obvious, too. What looks like a hairline crack may not seem too bad. In some regions of the pane, a break can mean it needs taking out and replacing.

Other times, you’re looking at what only seems like significant damage. In reality, the pane is mostly intact and using a little sealant can fix the problem.

Two indicators of this are size and location. If the damage is near the point of view of the driver, you’re looking at a potential replacement. However, check the size too. Grab a small coin and see if it can “fit” in the crack, both in length and width. If it fits, you’ll also want to consider a replacement.

Incidentally, look at the shape too. A spider-web pattern or one that’s like a bullseye is replacement-worthy. These tend to be the ones most likely to spread on further impact.

Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll need to shop around. There are great companies that provide replacements or repairs, so look a few up. Be sure to get a local company to handle things, and maybe try to find someone that does on-site repairs if that’s what you need.

After that, you just need to make the right booking and pay the crew. Straightforward and quick, unless you have a  rare circumstance that makes things more complicated than usual.

Of course, if the repair or replacement job is going to take a while, your significant other will need alternate transportation. You’ve got the choice of driving them around yourself – which opens up chances for some extra time with each other – or making more arrangements.

Let’s save that topic for another day, though.