Should you get a Double Sink Vanity

You are married. Your home has a master bathroom. You’re considering playing along with the idea of a his-and-hers setup. This means doubling on things like towel racks. Then you look at the vanity. Are you thinking of getting it renovated, so you end up with a double sink?

We won’t decide for you. However, if you’re thinking of having that baked into the bathroom renovation cost, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Good: two sinks and two mirrors gives the couple their private space in the morning and evening.

One of the minor issues of having only one sink is that people have to share. By doubling down, it opens up the ability for the couple to get their rituals done at the same time. Given enough room, this means no more crowding or waiting around for one to finish.

In other words, you feel less like annoyed siblings and more like an actual couple. You’re together, but still distinct individuals.

The problem is that a double sink requires a lot of space.

Your bathroom might not have the room available for the second sink. If both parties don’t have enough space to be comfortable, that’s a problem. If you think your elbows are constantly going to be crashing into each other as you brush your teeth, skip the double sink.

A double-sink that doesn’t have enough space between the sinks looks bad.

Most people don’t realise how ugly two sinks so close to each other look. It looks awful and strange and can turn off potential buyers if you ever sell in the future. People can tell if they’re just too close for comfort.

A double sink can be a huge selling point if you decide to sell. This isn’t guaranteed, and it has a risk of reducing a home’s value to certain buyers.

Some people don’t like them. That’s a fact that is unavoidable. However, some married couples like them and may end up convinced to buy because of them. Keep the design tasteful and classic, and you can add value to the home.

However, adopting a double sink can be expensive. If you’re paying for a significant renovation already, you may not have the budget for this project.

You’ll need two sinks. Two mirrors or one large one, big enough to cover both. You’ll also need to pay for vanity assemblies, which will be separate. If you put one in between, that’s just wasting the point of the separation.

Finally, you need to factor in the plumbing. It costs double because you’re doing twice the risk and using twice the materials. It’s a lot easier to provide plumbing for only one sink than two. In a renovation, that will usually mean breaking down existing tiles to lay down new pipes.

If you’re doing budgeting for your new bathroom renovation, we suggest looking into They offer great advice that can help you figure out how much your dream bathroom would cost.

Who knows, you might be able to afford a double-sink after all.