Renovate Your Bathroom Before Selling

Do you plan to sell your home, upgrade to a newer, bigger one? If your family is starting to expand and grow, it could be an excellent idea. It’s even better if you manage to get a good price for it, giving you a bit of a financial kick for moving into your new home.


There are good reasons to upgrade parts of your home before you sell. In particular, you might want to turn your eye towards renovating or remodelling your bathroom and here’s why!


The kitchen and bathrooms sell houses. It’s a fact that agents know, and sellers don’t always figure out.


Sure, you might have a beautiful bedroom or a walk-in closet, but people adjust and change these all the time. These are the most personalized spaces, so what’s already there isn’t likely to stick around.


On the other hand, very few people bother to tinker with the bathroom. It is also one of the most used rooms in the house. Buyers don’t think too hard about what they want in a bathroom, but they have an instinctive knowledge of what they don’t want. If they don’t want your bathroom, they won’t buy.


You can potentially add more value to your home if you remodel right.


Bathroom remodelling can be a great way to increase the value because it makes a room of the house that is so often neglected into something that can dazzle and impress.


All you need to do is make sure the remodel is a timeless, rather than trendy, one. You want it to emphasize comfort and make space feel bigger than it is. The keys to this are lighting, colour coordination, and placement.


With the right bathroom, you may charge a little higher for the home. Not by a lot, but just enough to recoup the cost of the renovation itself and maybe a little profit along with it.


A remodel might be a necessity.


Sometimes, the housing market can be cutthroat and difficult to get into. If your home isn’t good enough or is too outdated, you’re not going to get anyone to buy. A renovation could be what is standing between you and potential buyers.


In some cases, a remodel to add another bathroom is a good idea. Older homes with only one bathroom can be problematic for a big family. A quick remodel to add something like a powder room or install a secondary bath can do wonders for making a home more competitive on the market.


Renovation can also help you get rid of gaudy touches.


Yes, personalizing a bathroom lets you go crazy with the colours and patterns. Yes, those His and Hers towel racks and accessories are cute. However, these personal touches tend to be unappealing to most buyers. In some cases, they might turn off interested parties.


You can choose to renovate and go for a more “neutral” look to the space, appealing to more people. It also leaves the slate blank so they can renovate it to their preferences.