Planning Out A Romantic Date



Romance isn’t a necessity in a relationship. It can feel that way, due to how the media pressures us into relationships and makes romantic overtures seem like an ideal to be lived up to. However, this is not the case. Love is an emotion, and emotions change over time. Romance is not a necessity.

However, a romantic date once in a while can help break the monotony.


Here’s some great ideas for adding a spot of romance to an otherwise ordinary evening.


The first idea is something men supposedly despise: dancing. To repeat the adage, men can’t dance. However, dancing can be a great way to add a little romance to an evening, especially if it’s slow-dancing or ballroom. Just a basic waltz and the right music will do.


Picking up a date in a limousine is a nice touch. It’s expensive, but doing it once in a while tells them they’re special and you’re willing to spend money to prove it. We recommend for this.


A fireplace is also inherently romantic. Something about a roaring fire and cosying up to each other during a cold night brings out the romance in the air.




A ferris wheel is also a good idea. We suggest taking a spin on it, but avoiding the cliché of watching the sunset on one. It’s stereotyped as romantic, but it’s not that good. Instead, do it

later, because the view of the lights coming on at night can be breathtaking.


There’s always stargazing. Just make sure you find a spot that’s high up enough that you can see them, rather than the lights around you. Maybe download an app so you know which stars you’re looking at as you talk about dreams or just get closer to each other.


Worst-case scenario, you could just invite your significant other to play Twister.