Organizing Promotional Work

Arranging a promotional event that requires a crew to stay in a location for more than a day can be taxing. There is the time involved, the cost of hauling people and equipment to and from the place. There is also the matter of making sure everyone has accommodations.


What, you didn’t plan on telling them to go to Mumbai (or Moscow, or any other location other than their home) for an event and expect them to find their hotels, did you? Even if your crew did go along, there is a good chance they will never work with you again.


One of the first challenges is finding the right accommodations.


Consider this: how big is the crew for the event? How much equipment will be used? Where is the event going to happen? Websites like can be useful for smaller teams or in the right locations. These are ideal for smaller things, like on-location shoots.


If you’re looking at the kind of event that needs trucks for its equipment, you’re in for a challenge. You may need to book an entire hotel, in the more severe cases.


Of course, you do have the option of scattering the crew. If you do decide to disperse the team, you need to make sure you book accommodations in places that are within reach of each other. The further away they are from one another, the harder it becomes to coordinate.


Make sure that the accommodations have enough space. Yes, a four-bedroom studio can house four people. If you push it, you can get up to eight people in there. What about equipment, though? If your event needs, say, a few dozen speakers, where do you plan to put all that?


Remember to confirm who might need accommodations. Sometimes, your event might have attendees other than your staff. If that’s the case, you want to confirm two things.


First, you want to be sure they are attending. After all, their presence will likely be part of what makes the event successful in adding value to the business.


Second, you want to know if they will make their accommodations. For example, think of a convention. You have staff with rooms. You also have guests and panellists. You most likely need to book rooms for them, but sometimes they may prefer making their arrangements.


Finally, think about parking. Never hold an event at a place where you can’t get enough parking. By keeping this in mind, you free yourself of a boat-load of small nuisances.


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